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Jubilee River Clear Up - Marsh Lane to Manor Farm

The Jubilee River is now one of our greatest assets, reducing the flooding risk significantly and providing a wonderful waterway with associated paths, but it is endangered by visitors leaving their litter behind. How can this be stopped?

Community Actions taken to date:

  1. A number of Clear Up Volunteers found. Thank you very much for your support
  2. Suitable equipment secured: Heavy Duty Rubbish bags/Grabbers
  3. Funding agreed by Dorney Parish Council

Community Planned Actions:

  1. Even more Volunteers being sought. Please let us know via the Contact Us form if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer.
  2. Signage proposal to be recommended to the Landowners inc Environment Agency ("Take it home") for suitable areas.
  3. Simple, effective monitoring process to be developed
  4. If "Take it home" signage isn't effective, consider siting bins in key areas, with regular emptying!
  5. Possible meetings with other stakeholders.

Who owns what?

Relevant Documents:

Memorandum of Understanding between Environment Agency, Bucks CC, District Councils and Thames Valley Police 2018
This is primarily related to travellers, but camping along the Jubilee River, without permission, is an Unauthorised Encampment (UAE) and certain elements of this MOU relate to it.
It is hoped that this MOU will be the starting point for an MOU related to the Jubilee River between the Action Team, the Environment Agency, South Bucks District Council, Slough Borough Council and Thames Valley Police
Memorandum of Understanding EA Councils [...]
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