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Protecting and Enhancing the DNA of Dorney


The purpose of the Project pages is to provide information to Dorney residents and businesses about potential Challenges and Opportunities that are either impacting Dorney now or that we believe may affect Dorney in the future.


We gather information that is specifically relevant to Dorney and attempt to present it in an unbiased manner, thus allowing residents and businesses to reach their own decisions as to what use they may wish to put it to - responding to petitions, consultations, planning issues - or joining with other residents in Action Teams in order to protect and enhance Dorney.


Dorney Parish News will ensure that all Project updates are regularly communicated in the magazine.

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The DNA of Dorney

"Those of us who love the villages we live in are simply custodians for the short time that we are here. A custodian is defined as “a person who has responsibility for taking care of or protecting something”. If one believes that we are custodians, our joint responsibility is therefore, as residents, to take care of and protect our houses and our villages.


Looking after Dorney, Dorney Reach, Boveney and Lake End for our children, our grandchildren and all future residents is, certainly, a pleasure for my family and I hope, for all other residents.


Recognising and respecting the wonderful Dorney DNA, that many before us have striven for, is our history. Our future requires constant vigilance, support for the landowners and the commitment of residents and businesses to protect and enhance the DNA. The Dorney DNA is fragile. It needs our continuing support."


Jill Dax (Dorney Parish News article - June 2019)

What can residents do to mitigate or manage challenges and opportunities?

The first thing residents need is information - as factual and unbiased as possible, mainly from independent professionals who don't have an axe to grind. Information is also available on a myriad of websites, which are not easy to find quickly. Gathering this information together takes a lot of time - which many do not have. Once they have the information, the next question is - what can we do about it?


One of Dorney Community's purposes is to provide Dorney and area residents with solid information about the current and potential future challenges and opportunites, from Dorney's perspective.


Projects and Action Teams

We will involve as many residents with relevant specialist knowledge from around the area as we can find - a professional in traffic calming for Dorney Traffic, an ex-pilot regarding Heathrow,  current and retired lawyers - on a number of Projects by forming Action Teams. We are always looking for more people who can assist the lengthy process of information gathering and sorting the wheat from the chaff. If the members of Dorney Community wish, we will create a Project and form an Action Team of residents to work with other stakeholders in order to move things along.


Many of the challenges don't just affect Dorney. We are liaising with the Hitcham and Taplow Society, the Eton Wick Community Association, the Eton Community Association, neighbouring parish and town councils and others where it makes sense to do so.



If anybody would like to contribute to any of the Projects, join an Action Team or would like us to obtain or assess any subject related to the protection or enhancement of Dorney, please use the Contact Us Form. We will respond very quickly!

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